As part of our effort to develop and deploy AI responsibly, we are previewing DALL·E to a limited number of trusted users who will help us learn about the technology’s capabilities and limitations. We plan to invite more people over time as we learn and iteratively improve our safety system.

As of the week of May 9, we have invited 1,017 people to try DALL·E.

If you’re interested in trying DALL·E, we encourage you to sign up for the waitlist.

We’re working hard to accelerate access but it’s likely to take some time until we get to everyone.

Until then, we hope you'll stay tuned. Check out our Instagram account, where we take prompt requests and show the latest creative works by DALL-E artists, users, and enthusiasts.

Invites will not be processed solely on a first-come-first-served basis – we may choose to prioritize individuals based on other criteria, to better meet the needs of our development efforts.

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