How do I start exploring the API?
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The OpenAI API is built to flexibly solve a number of language tasks with a unified text-in, text-out interface.

The following links are great ways to get started:

  • Introduction: Get an overview of how the API works and how you can interface with the language models in different ways.

  • Playground: Experiment and iterate with different prompts and generations.

  • Developer Quick Start: Learn how to hook into the API programmatically.

  • Help center: Find answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Example prompts: See examples of how other people are using the API.

For hands-on developer support, you have a few options:

  • OpenAI Community Forum: The Forum is a great place to communicate with other developers, find a team, ask questions about the API, and share your thoughts with the community!

  • Developer Ambassadors: Sign up for office hours to get help with questions or workshop ideas.

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