Frequently asked questions about DALL•E 2.

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Can I use DALL·E for commercial uses, including NFTs and freelancing?


Can I sell DALL·E generations I created during the research preview?


Can I remove the watermark?



Note: DALL·E API is billed separately from labs.openai.com. Credits granted/purchased on labs.openai.com do not apply to DALL·E API. For the latest information on DALL·E API pricing, please see our pricing page.

Can I still purchase DALL•E 2 credits?

It's no longer possible for new customers to purchase DALL•E 2 credits. If you've previously purchased credits, those credits are still valid. Labs users who have had credits before (even if the count is currently 0 credits) can still use Labs normally.

Where can I see how many credits I have?

You can see your credit amount by going to labs.openai.com/account or by selecting your icon in the top right corner.

Do credits roll over month to month?

Free credits do not roll over month to month. Please see "How DALL•E Credits Work" for details.


Why are parts of my images cropped?

DALL·E 2 can only produce images in a square.

Can DALL·E transform the style of my image into another style?

We currently don't support transforming the style of an image into another style. However, you can edit parts of a generated image and recreate them in a style you define in the prompt.

Is DALL·E available through an API?

Yes! Please see the Image Generation guide to learn more.

Now that the credit system is in place is there still a 50-image per day limit?

No, there's no longer a 50-image per day limit.


Why did I receive a content filter warning?

Our filter aims to detect generated text that could be sensitive or unsafe. The filter will make mistakes and we have currently built it to err on the side of caution, thus, resulting in more false positives. We're working on improving our filters, so this should become less of an issue in the future.

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