How do I check my token usage?
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There are two main options for checking your token usage:

The usage dashboard shows how much of your account's quota you've used during the current and past monthly billing cycles. To display the usage of a particular user of your organizational account, you can use the dropdown next to "Daily usage breakdown".

2. Usage data from the API response

You can also access token usage data through the API. Token usage information is now included in responses from completions, edits, and embeddings endpoints. Information on prompt and completion tokens is contained in the "usage" key:

{ "id": "cmpl-uqkvlQyYK7bGYrRHQ0eXlWia",
"object": "text_completion",
"created": 1589478378,
"model": "text-davinci-003",
"choices": [ { "text": "\n\nThis is a test", "index": 0, "logprobs": null, "finish_reason": "length" } ],
"usage": { "prompt_tokens": 5, "completion_tokens": 5, "total_tokens": 10 } }
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