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How should I credit DALL·E in my work?
How should I credit DALL·E in my work?

Guidelines for citing and crediting DALL·E in your work.

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When using DALL·E in your work, it is important to be transparent about AI involvement and adhere to our Content Policy and Terms of Use.

Primarily, don't mislead your audience about AI involvement.

  • When sharing your work, we encourage you to proactively disclose AI involvement in your work.

  • You may remove the DALL·E signature/watermark in the bottom right corner if you wish, but you may not mislead others about the nature of the work. For example, you may not tell people that the work was entirely human generated or that the work is an unaltered photograph of a real event.

If you'd like to cite DALL·E, we'd recommend including wording such as "This image was created with the assistance of DALL·E 2" or "This image was generated with the assistance of AI."

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