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Why can't I log in to DALL•E 2?
Why can't I log in to DALL•E 2?

Troubleshooting steps for DALL•E 2 log in issues

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If you can’t log in, after having successfully logged in before:

  • Refresh your browser’s cache and cookies. We recommend using a desktop device to log in.

  • Ensure that you are using the correct authentication method. For example, if you signed up using Continue with Google, try using that method to log in too.

If you see 'There is already a user with email ...' or 'Wrong authentication method':

  • You will see this error if you attempt to login in using a different authentication method from what you originally used to register your account. Your account can only be authenticated if you log in with the auth method that was used during initial registration. For example, if you registered using Google sign-in, please continue using the same method.

  • If you're unsure which method you originally used for signing up please try signing in with each of the following methods from a non-Firefox incognito window:

    • Username + Password

    • Continue with Google button

    • Continue with Microsoft button

If you are trying to sign up, and you see ‘This user already exists’:

This likely means you already began the sign up process, but did not complete it. Try to login instead.

If you received a welcome email, but no verification email:

You'll need to register at .

In the event you still receive "Something went wrong" or "Oops..." errors please try the following:

  1. Refresh your cache and cookies, then attempt the login with your chosen authentication method.

  2. Try an incognito browser window to complete sign in

  3. Try logging in from a different browser/computer to see if the issue still persists, as a security add-in or extension can occasionally cause this type of error.

  4. Try another network (wired connection, home WiFi, work WiFi, library/cafe WiFi and/or cellular network).

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