All you need to know about how to use the DALL·E API

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1. What is the DALL·E API and how can I access it?

The DALL·E API allows you to integrate state of the art image generation capabilities directly into your product. To get started, visit our developer guide.

2. How do I pay for the DALL·E API?

The API usage is offered on a pay-as-you-go basis and is billed separately from labs.openai.com. You can find pricing information on our pricing page.

For large volume discounts (>$5k/month), please contact sales.

3. Can I use my OpenAI API trial credits ($5) or labs.openai.com credits on the DALL·E API?

You can use the OpenAI API free trial credits ($5) to make DALL·E API requests.

DALL·E API is billed separately from labs.openai.com. Credits granted/purchased on

labs.openai.com do not apply to DALL·E API.

For the latest information on pricing, please see our pricing page.

4. Are there any API usage limits that I should be aware of?

The DALL·E API shares the usage limits with other OpenAI API services, which you can find in your billing settings. Paid accounts have a default monthly quota set to $120, which can be increased by filling out the Quota Increase Request Form.

Additionally, org-level rate limits enforce a cap on the number of images you can generate per minute. To learn more, we encourage you to read our help article, "What's the rate limit for the DALL·E API?", which provides additional detail.

5. Are there any restrictions on the type of content I can generate?

Yes - please read our content policy to learn what's not allowed on the DALL·E API.

6. Can I sell the images I generate with the API? Can I use it in my application?

Subject to the Content Policy and Terms, you own the images you create with DALL·E, including the right to reprint, sell, and merchandise - regardless of whether an image was generated through a free or paid credit.

7. What do I need to do before I start serving API outputs to my users?

Before you launch your product, please make sure you're in compliance with our use case policy and include end-user IDs with requests.

8. How are images returned by the endpoint?

The API can output images as URLs (response_format =url) or b64_json. Our developer guide includes more details.

9, Which version of DALL·E is available via the API?

The API uses the latest version of DALL·E 2.

10. Are the Edit function and Variations features available in the API?

Yes - for more detailed instructions, please see our developer guide.

11. Does it support outpainting?

Yes! There are many ways to use the /edits endpoint, including inpainting and outpainting. You can try it out firsthand in the DALL·E Editor.

12. How can I save output images as files?

The API can output images as URLs. You'll need to convert these to the format you need. Our developer guide includes more details.

13. How long do the generated URLs persist?

The URLs from the API will remain valid for one hour.

14. I'm stuck. How do I get help?

For general help, you can consult our developer guide and help center, or ask questions on our Community forum.

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