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Error Code 429 - Rate limit reached for requests
Error Code 429 - Rate limit reached for requests
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This error message indicates that you have hit your assigned rate limit for the API. This means that you have submitted too many tokens or requests in a short period of time and have exceeded the number of requests allowed. This could happen for several reasons, such as:

- You are using a loop or a script that makes frequent or concurrent requests.

- You are sharing your API key with other users or applications.

- You are using a free plan that has a low rate limit.

To resolve this error, please follow these steps:

- Pace your requests and avoid making unnecessary or redundant calls.

- If you are using a loop or a script, make sure to implement a backoff mechanism or a retry logic that respects the rate limit and the response headers. You can read more about our rate limiting policy and best practices here.

- If you are sharing your organization with other users, note that limits are applied per organization and not per user. It is worth checking the usage of the rest of your team as this will contribute to this limit.

- If you are using a free or low-tier plan, consider upgrading to a pay-as-you-go plan that offers a higher rate limit.

- If you would like to increase your rate limits, please note that you can do so by increasing your usage tier. You can view your current rate limits, your current usage tier, and how to raise your usage tier/limits in the Limits section of your account settings.

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