API Error Code Guidance

See the causes and resolutions to the most commonly experienced error codes.

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This section outlines the main error codes returned by the OpenAI API, including both the cause and how to resolve the error.

Status Code Summaries

Cause: Invalid Authentication

Solution: Ensure the correct API key and requesting organization are being used.

Cause: The requesting API key is not correct.

Solution: Ensure the API key used is correct or generate a new API key.

Cause Your account is not part of an organization.

Solution Contact us to get added to a new organization or ask your organization manager to invite you to an organization here.

Cause You have hit your assigned rate limit.

Solution Pace your requests. Read more here.

Cause For customers with prepaid billing, you have consumed all credits in your account. For customers with monthly billing, you have exceeded your monthly budget.

Solution Buy additional credits or increase your limits.

Cause: Our servers are experiencing high traffic.

Solution Please retry your requests after a brief wait.

500 - The server had an error while processing your request.

Cause Issue on our servers.

Solution Retry your request after a brief wait and contact us if the issue persists. Read status page.

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