This section outlines the main error codes returned by the OpenAI API, including both the cause and how to resolve the error.

Status Code Summaries


Cause: Invalid Authentication

Solution: Ensure the correct API key and requesting organization are being used.

404 - Incorrect API key provided

Cause: The requesting API key is not correct.

Solution: Ensure the API key used is correct, clear your browser cache, or generate a new one here.

404 - You must be a member of an organization to use the API

Cause Your account is not part of an organization.

Solution Contact us to get added to a new organization or ask your organization manager to invite you to an organization here.

429 - Rate limit reached for requests

Cause You have hit your assigned rate limit.

Solution Pace your requests. Read more here.

429 - You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.

Cause You have hit your maximum monthly spend (hard limit) which you can view here.

Solution Apply for a quota increase here.

429 - The engine is currently overloaded. Please try again later.

Cause: Our servers are experiencing high traffic.

Solution Please retry your requests after a brief wait.

500 - The server had an error while processing your request.

Cause Issue on our servers.

Solution Retry your request after a brief wait and contact us if the issue persists. Read status page.

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