Handling APIError

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An APIError indicates that something went wrong on our side when processing your request. This could be due to a temporary glitch, a bug, or a system outage.

Best practices for handling APIError

  • Wait a few seconds and retry your request. Sometimes, the issue may be resolved quickly and your request may succeed on the second attempt.

  • Check our status page for any ongoing incidents or maintenance that may affect our services. If there is an active incident, please follow the updates and wait until it is resolved before retrying your request.

  • Search the error code and text here in the Help Center. We have explanations and best practices for handling common API errors.

  • If the issue persists, contact us by opening a new chat in the bottom right corner of this page. Please provide:

    • The model you were using

    • The error message and code you received

    • The request data and headers you sent

    • The timestamp and timezone of your request

    • Any other relevant details that may help us diagnose the issue

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