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How to access plugins beta
How to access plugins beta
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Based on the adoption of GPTs by both users and builders, we’ve decided to wind down the Plugin Beta. The creation of new conversations with plugins will be disabled on March 19, 2024. Users will be able to continue existing plugin conversations until April 9, 2024.

We’re beginning to extend ChatGPT’s capabilities by teaching it to use plugins. You can think of plugins as “tools” that the model can learn how to use — imagine a plugin for checking the news, a plugin for booking flights, or a plugin for retrieving information from a proprietary database. Developers have been asking for plugins since we launched ChatGPT because they unlock a vast range of possible use cases.

How can I get access to plugins?

If you are a ChatGPT Plus user, you should be able to use plugins. We started granting access on May 12th, 2023 and we plan to gradually roll it out to 100% of Plus users within a week (thanks for your patience!).

To enable plugins, open ChatGPT, navigate to the settings by selecting your name in the bottom left, then choose settings. Inside the settings menu, if plugins have been rolled out to you, there should be a "Beta features" section which you can select and then enable plugins or browsing. If you do not see "Beta features", please be patient, it should appear by the May 20th, 2023.

How does ChatGPT know when to call a plugin?

The model’s goal is to help the user. ChatGPT will intelligently decide between calling a plugin and handling a user’s query using its intrinsic knowledge. For example, the model may decide that a question about current events requires calling a browser plugin, but may feel comfortable answering a very simple math or science question without using a plugin. The user can always nudge the model to use a plugin by asking the model to use a plugin explicitly, like “Use Expedia to plan my NYC trip”.

How do I create a plugin?

Please review our documentation to learn how to build a plugin and signup for our developer waitlist. We'll be gradually extending access to more developers. When you are ready to publish your plugin, it will go through an approval process.

If you have technical questions as you build a plugin, please join our developer forum.

Is there a waitlist for plugins?

No, ChatGPT plugins are being rolled out to all plus subscribers, no waitlist required.

How do I access Advanced Data Analysis (formerly code interpreter)?

As of November 2023, ChatGPT Plus supports DALL·E, browsing, and data analysis all without switching models. You can also attach files to let ChatGPT search PDFs and other document types. Plus also now includes fresh information up to April 2023.

How do I enable plugins in the "Beta features" area?

All ChatGPT plus users can use plugins, and all plugins are made by 3rd parties (except DALLE). In in the bottom left of the page click on your name to open the menu then click on Settings:

Then in the modal that appears click on "Beta features" toggle the "Plugins" feature to enable/disable:

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