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How do I export my ChatGPT history and data?
How do I export my ChatGPT history and data?

Data Export

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As of April 11, 2023 ChatGPT users on either free or plus plans can get an export of their ChatGPT prompt/response history and data by doing the following:

  1. Sign in to ChatGPT at

  2. In the bottom left of the page click on Settings

    Free plan

    Plus plan

  3. For "Data Controls" click "Show"

  4. In the Data Controls menu which appears click on Export data

  5. In the confirmation modal click Confirm export

  6. You should get an email with your data

    Note: The link in the email expires after 24 hours

  7. Click Download data export to download a .zip file will be downloaded including your chat history in chat.html as well as your other data on file with us

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