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Introducing New Features in ChatGPT

The rollout process for new features in ChatGPT

Updated over a week ago

As we work on improving ChatGPT, we are sharing our rollout process for introducing new capabilities and model improvements to users. This process helps us ensure that features are tested and refined before being made widely available.

The key stages of a new feature's progression toward general availability are as follows:

Alpha Phase: In the alpha phase, a small group of users is given access to the new feature for testing and feedback. This stage allows us to gather insights from a diverse group and make any necessary adjustments based on real-world use. We aim to gain a better understanding of different user experiences, which will help us develop a more useful feature.

Beta Phase: During the beta phase, the updated feature is made available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers who have opted-in for beta testing. This larger user base helps us further evaluate the feature's performance, stability, and overall user experience in an extended environment.

General Availability: After the beta testing is completed, we assess whether the feature is ready for a broader audience. If the feature meets our quality standards, it will be made available to all ChatGPT users.

This phased rollout process allows us to ensure that new features in ChatGPT are well-tested and provide a reliable experience for our users.

To turn on new features:

  1. Click on Profile & Settings

  2. Select Beta Features

  3. Toggle on the features you’d like to try

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