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ChatGPT iOS app potential failures
ChatGPT iOS app potential failures
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Oh no! We hoped that you will never land on this page, but you did.

First, we are sorry about the inconvenience! In order for you to help us help you, we will need some information, but first please read about our minimum requirements in terms of software and hardware.

App crashes

If your app crashes, please try the following:

  1. Relaunch the app. That is helpful for us because the app will try to connect to our service and share some important details

  2. Uninstall the app and re-download it. Hopefully that will solve the problem.

  3. If that problem persists, please share the following details:

    • What is your ChatGPT associated email address?

    • Your iPhone model (i.e. iPhone 14)

      • iPhone Settings >> General >> About >> Model Name

    • What is the iPhone's language? (i.e. English)

    • Do you have custom keyboards installed? (i.e. Yes, Keyboard Name)

      • iPhone Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards
        Keyboards (custom)

    • Do you have any special Accessibility settings turned on?

      • iPhone Settings >> Accessibility

    • Any additional information that will help us to narrow the issue down. Examples:

      • The app is crashing when I continue the chat conversation in my iPhone app, after it was originated in the web.

      • The app is crashing only when I am on wifi as opposed to cellular data.

      • The app is crashing when I am using this specific plugin

      • Etc.

Login issues

Make sure that you are using the same login method, we offer several and it can get confusing. For example, if you signed up with a username and password, logging in with Microsoft would not work for you. Things that are helpful for you to share with our team:

  • Screenshots of the error would be really helpful!

  • The email address you are trying to log in with

  • Date and time

  • When were you able to log in last (if applicable)

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