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Can I talk to ChatGPT in the iOS app?
Can I talk to ChatGPT in the iOS app?

Talk to ChatGPT in the iOS app via our Whisper API

Updated over a week ago

Yes, you can talk to ChatGPT!

How do I talk to ChatGPT in the iOS app?

Option 1: Enable Voice in settings

Voice conversations can be enabled for users on Plus and Enterprise plans to have back and forth conversations with ChatGPT.

Option 2: one time recording

You will click the recording icon which automatically starts recording:

Then, when you're done speaking, tap to stop recording:

Once the iOS app (via our Whisper API) finishes processing your recording it will output the text of your recording into your message composer:

Finally, send the text into the ChatGPT iOS app then the model will generate your response!

Does the ChatGPT iOS app only respond with audio and text?

No, the ChatGPT response is currently limited to text only. It currently does not reply with audio.

Why is my voice prompt automatically translated to a different language?

We've addressed this issue on version 1.2023.22 of the ChatGPT iOS app!

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