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How CAPTCHAs are used by ChatGPT, and common troubleshooting suggestions

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OpenAI uses CAPTCHAs in ChatGPT to help minimize bot activity and spam, ensuring the platform remains fast and available for all users. CAPTCHAs verify you're human by presenting game-like puzzles, which you may encounter when using ChatGPT on web, iOS, and Android.

While encountering CAPTCHAs occasionally is normal, you shouldn't constantly encounter them. If you do, here are some initial troubleshooting steps to help resolve the issue:

  1. VPN and Browser Configuration: Make sure you're not connecting through a VPN and check for any non-standard browser configurations, such as browser extensions that might interfere with the page.

  2. Incognito Mode: If you've confirmed you're not on a VPN, try using an incognito window to see if that helps. Unusual behaviors can cause CAPTCHAs to show up more frequently, so using an incognito window can be a good first step to address this.

  3. Report Issues: If you're not on a VPN and still receiving CAPTCHAs with every message, please send a screenshot of the puzzle to our support team. The puzzle includes a request ID that will help us analyze why you're getting them so frequently.

We understand that CAPTCHAs can be an inconvenience, and we're working hard to balance the benefits of these safety mechanisms with keeping ChatGPT easy to use.

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