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Is ChatGPT biased?

Bias in ChatGPT

Updated over a week ago

ChatGPT is not free from biases and stereotypes, so users and educators should carefully review its content. It is important to critically assess any content that could teach or reinforce biases or stereotypes. Bias mitigation is an ongoing area of research for us, and we welcome feedback on how to improve.

Here are some points to bear in mind:

  • The model is skewed towards Western views and performs best in English. Some steps to prevent harmful content have only been tested in English.

  • The model's dialogue nature can reinforce a user's biases over the course of interaction. For example, the model may agree with a user's strong opinion on a political issue, reinforcing their belief.

  • These biases can harm students if not considered when using the model for student feedback. For instance, it may unfairly judge students learning English as a second language.

Educators can help students understand bias and think critically by showing how certain questions lead to biased responses. For example, a teacher could ask a student to analyze a ChatGPT-generated essay that favors a certain viewpoint. This exercise can help students recognize bias across different platforms and be responsible digital citizens.

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