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How to use ChatGPT in a language other than English (alpha)
How to use ChatGPT in a language other than English (alpha)

Set your browser language to one of our supported languages to opt in to our alpha and view ChatGPT in that language.

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This feature is in alpha, requires opting in, includes a limited selection of supported languages, and currently can only be used on the web at

How do I use ChatGPT in another language?

We don't change the UI language automatically, but if your browser is set to one of our supported languages (see below), we show a banner at the top saying it's an "Alpha" feature that you can opt-in to use. This allows you to talk to ChatGPT in any of the languages below!

Plan availability

  • All plans

Application availability

  • Web only ( - not supported on mobile (iOS/Android)

Supported browser languages

  • Chinese (zh-Hans)

  • Chinese (zh-TW)

  • French (fr-FR)

  • German (de-DE)

  • Italian (it-IT)

  • Japanese (ja-JP)

  • Portuguese (pt-BR)

  • Russian (ru-RU)

  • Spanish (es-ES)

Opt in to use ChatGPT in your preferred language

  1. Visit to sign in to ChatGPT on the web.

  2. Update your browser language to any of the above supported languages.

  3. Click Join alpha in the banner that should display in the UI in ChatGPT.

    Experience an early preview of ChatGPT in your language. [Join alpha]

    For example, here is the banner when the browser language is detected as Spanish for you to opt in:

  4. You should now see the ChatGPT UI displayed in that language!

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