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Free trial invites FAQ
Free trial invites FAQ

Common questions about the free trial invites feature to generate unique links for others to free trial a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

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How do ChatGPT Plus free trial invites work?

Eligible ChatGPT Plus users can generate a limited number of unique referral codes to offer free trials of the Plus plan. An email with a referral link gets sent to anyone you invite.

New users can sign up for an OpenAI account and use the code to activate a free trial of ChatGPT Plus. Existing users on the free plan can use the code to get a free trial upgrade of ChatGPT Plus.

Am I eligible to send invites?

If you are in the batch of initial users that get to use this feature you will see in the admin sidebar in the lower-left corner of the ChatGPT UI option Invite a friend which you then use to generate your invite URLs to share.

Who can receive invites?

Anyone, including current users. You can refer anyone who has or is willing to create an OpenAI account.

How many referrals can I make?

Once. Each link generated needs to be explicitly shared with someone as a one-time use link.

How many times can a generated invite link be used?

An invite can only be used once. Each link is a single use uniquely generated code that needs to be explicitly shared with someone the referrer must specify.

The expiration date for each referral invite is set on our end and will be displayed to you when you generate an invite. Users cannot set or change the expiration date themselves.

What if the invitee doesn't have a ChatGPT account?

Invitees without a ChatGPT account will be prompted to sign up for an OpenAI account to claim their free trial of ChatGPT Plus.

What happens if the invitee is already a ChatGPT Plus user?

Only users on the free plan can accept the free trial invites. When an existing ChatGPT Plus user gets an invite for the free trial they will see a message about not being eligible since they already are a Plus user.

Is a credit card required to accept an invite?

Yes. The free trial of Plus requires inputting credit card details.

We will send you an email a few days before you are charged for the first time after your free trial ends. That email will take you to your manage subscription settings where you can cancel.

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