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GPTs Data Privacy FAQs
GPTs Data Privacy FAQs

Privacy Questions about GPTs

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Can OpenAI train on my conversation with a GPT?

The answer depends on the service you are using. As explained in this article, we may use content submitted to ChatGPT, DALL路E, and our other services for individuals to improve model performance. Content may include chats with GPTs. Please refer to this article to understand how content may be used to improve model performance and the choices that users have.

Please note that we do not use content submitted by customers to our business offerings such as our API, ChatGPT Team, and ChatGPT Enterprise to improve model performance. Please see our Enterprise Privacy page for information on how we use business data.

What kind of actions can GPTs perform?

GPTs built by other users can be enhanced with APIs to perform specific actions like looking up flight information or assisting with drafting emails. However, this involves sharing parts of your chats with the third party provider of the API, which is not subject to OpenAI鈥檚 privacy and security commitments. Builders of GPTs can specify the APIs to be called. OpenAI does not independently verify the API provider鈥檚 privacy and security practices. Only use APIs if you trust the provider.

If I build a GPT, can I opt out of training?

OpenAI has introduced a GPT-level opt-out option for builders. This feature allows builders to decide whether their proprietary data can be used by OpenAI for model training.

Will builders have access to specific conversations with their GPTs?

For the time being, builders will not have access to specific conversations with their GPTs to ensure user privacy. However, OpenAI is considering future features that would provide builders with analytics and feedback mechanisms to improve their GPTs without compromising privacy.

For further details and updates on data privacy, please refer to OpenAI's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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