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What are GPTs?

GPTs are custom versions of ChatGPT that users can tailor for specific tasks or topics by combining instructions, knowledge, and capabilities. They can be as simple or as complex as needed, addressing anything from language learning to technical support.

Who can create GPTs?

Plus and Enterprise users can start creating GPTs this week at Later this month, we’ll launch the GPT Store, so people can feature and make money from their GPTs. We plan to offer GPTs to more users soon.

Do I need to know how to code to create GPTs?

No coding skills are required, making it accessible to experts in any field or anyone with a passion for a topic! For developers, additional customization is possible through coding actions that connect GPTs to external data or services.

How do I create a GPT?

You can start creating a GPT by having a conversation with the GPT Builder in ChatGPT at You'll add instructions, upload files to its knowledge base, and select its capabilities, such as web searching, image creation, or data analysis.

What are some examples of GPTs?

Examples include Canva and Zapier AI Actions. GPTs range across categories like productivity, education, and entertainment, addressing niche needs or everyday tasks.

Can I make money from my GPT?

Yes, later this month, OpenAI is launching the GPT Store where creators’ GPTs can be featured. Creators may earn money based on the usage of their GPTs by the community, subject to our terms.

How are privacy and safety handled in GPTs?

Creators of GPTs cannot access user conversations with their GPTs. OpenAI has automatic systems to help ensure GPTs adhere to usage policies, preventing harmful content and impersonation. Users can report concerns for further review. For further details and updates on data privacy, please refer to OpenAI's official Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

What is the GPT Store?

The GPT Store is a marketplace where users can search for and access various GPTs. GPTs can be featured, and users can explore different categories to find GPTs that suit their needs.

Can ChatGPT Enterprise customers use GPTs?

Yes, enterprise customers can create internal-only GPTs for specific business needs, departments, or proprietary datasets, without coding. An admin console is provided for managing how GPTs are shared within the organization.

How do GPTs relate to OpenAI's mission?

The creation and community involvement with GPTs align with OpenAI's mission to build safe and beneficial AGI. It enables a broader range of input on AI development, increasing the diversity of ideas and approaches for safer AI outcomes.

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