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What does the usage dashboard show and how do I access it?
What does the usage dashboard show and how do I access it?

How to view your API usage by cost or by activity

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What is the Usage Dashboard?

The Usage Dashboard displays your API usage during the current and past monthly billing cycles. To access the Usage Dashboard, navigate to the Usage tab located under your organization’s Settings, or by visiting

The usage dashboard has two views: Cost and Activity. Depending on your current view, the Export button allows you to download the Cost or Activity data for your organization if you are an owner of an organization. Please note that you can export up to 60 days of data and the data may be delayed. Timestamps are based on UTC.

View by cost

In this view, you can monitor your daily costs, your monthly spend, and the credit grants for the current and previous months. Owners can also see past invoices here as well.

View by activity

Here, you can select and view the usage broken down by product type, the top users in your organization, and, if your organization is an enterprise customer with a consolidated billing structure, the top organizations by usage.

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