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How should I report a GPT?
How should I report a GPT?

Report a GPT made by the community

Updated over a week ago

If any GPTs built by the community seem wrong, whether it’s illegal, harmful or unsafe, please let us know!

Find the report button


From the GPT page click on the GPT name in the top-left of the page then select Report:


From the GPT in the top-right click the flag icon:


From the GPT in the top-right click the 3 vertical dots then in the menu that appears click on Report GPT:

Fill out the form

After clicking the report button on web and mobile you'll get a prompt with a form to fill out then submit.

Other options

If the GPT infringes on your trademark (such as your brand name or logo), please fill out our trademark dispute form with the required information. For all other feedback, the help center is your go-to spot. Head over to 'Report a GPT' in the chat bot to tell us more.

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