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The GPT Store seeks to build and nurture a community of developers, researchers, and AI enthusiasts, and is committed to showcasing the best and most creative uses of GPTs. OpenAI will regularly showcase unique and enriching GPTs that will be of value to our users and celebrate the innovative contributions from our community.

How does OpenAI select GPTs to be featured?

The ChatGPT team looks for GPTs that promote meaningful user experience, innovation, and ethical AI use from businesses and individuals in the community. We search across different types of GPTs, from programming tools to fun experiences, to provide users with a mix of experiences. We also consider current events and seasonal activity to surface timely, relevant GPTs to the community.

Some of the factors we look for include:

  • Distinctive features: The GPT provides innovative insights and capabilities, substantially improving the overall user interaction.

  • Performance consistency: The GPT consistently operates in alignment with expected performance criteria.

  • Broad relevance: The GPT caters to a diverse array of users, ensuring its applicability across various audiences.

How can my GPT be considered?

We would be excited to promote your GPT to our user base. If you’re interested in nominating a GPT, please fill out this form. We review all submissions and will follow up with you if we decide to feature your GPT.

Before submitting your GPT, please make sure to:

  • Review our latest usage policies and GPT brand guidelines to ensure that your GPT is compliant

  • Verify your Builder Profile (Settings > Builder profile > Enable your name or a verified website)

  • Publish your GPT as "Everyone" (GPT’s with "Anyone with a link" selected will not be shown in the store)

Will I be notified if my GPT is going to be featured?

We will contact you via email at your designated ChatGPT email address to discuss featuring your GPT and to coordinate the timing.

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