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GPTs (ChatGPT Team version)
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What is a GPT?

GPTs are custom versions of ChatGPT that your team can tailor for specific business needs, departments, or proprietary datasets, without coding. They can be as simple or as complex as needed, addressing anything from language learning to technical support. You can start creating GPTs at

Who can create GPTs?

You can start creating GPTs at

How can I access a GPT?

Please refer to our help article describing how to access GPTs.

How do I create a GPT?

You can create a GPT by following these steps.

Who can share GPTs?

Anyone can share a GPT. The creator of the GPT can specify on the right hand side under the green “Save” or “Update button” if they would like to publish their GPT to

  • Only the user

  • Anyone within the Workspace

  • Anyone with a link

  • Public (will be available on the GPT store)

What is the GPT store?

The GPT Store is a marketplace where users can search for and access various GPTs. GPTs can be featured, and users can explore different categories to find GPTs that suit their needs, in compliance with your workspace settings.

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