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What security settings can I control for my ChatGPT Team workspace?
What security settings can I control for my ChatGPT Team workspace?

Control the settings for your ChatGPT Team workspace

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The Settings page within your Manage workspace view provides a centralized location for managing your workspace's chat features, while the GPTS page within your Manage workspace view allows you to manage your workspace's GPTs. Only owners can use these pages.

Managing your Workspace

1. To navigate to the workspace's Settings page, click on the profile icon on the upper right corner, where a pop-up menu should appear. Press the Manage Workspace tab (the other Settings tab is for your personal settings, not the overall workspace's settings).

2. To edit your company workspace name or picture, click on the company name to enter a modal to change the workspace image or workspace name. For Managing Chats, select the Settings tab. For Managing GPTs, select the GPTs tab.

Settings tab

This page shows how chats can be shared with the members in your workspace. On the ChatGPT Team subscription, chats can be shared with Workspace members only.

GPTs tab

The settings you can control for your workspace include managing whether members can use Third-party GPTs, which are GPTs created outside your workspace. These GPTs maybe be able to browse the internet or take custom actions.

Please note our default settings for Sharing and Workspace GPTs on ChatGPT Team are below, which cannot be modified:

  • GPTs made within the workspace can be shared within the workspace, with anyone who has a link, or be made public depending on the GPT creator’s settings

  • Workspace GPT capabilities such as Plugins, Custom Actions, and Browsing with Bing are toggled on

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