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How can I use GPTs?
How can I use GPTs?
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If you’re a Plus subscriber, you can discover and use versions of ChatGPT (called GPTs) that are customized by the community. These GPTs may combine instructions, extra knowledge, and skills/tools. In the Store, you’ll find unique GPTs that showcase the innovative work of the builder community.

What if a GPT isn’t working?

Since GPTs are maintained by the community and can include 3rd party actions not managed by OpenAI, you may occasionally encounter a GPT that doesn’t perform as you expect. In these cases, if the developer has opted in to share a contact address, in the dropdown menu of the GPT you’ll be able to see a share feedback button. If you are encountering error messages caused by the OpenAI platform itself, you can open a new chat from the Help Center, select “ChatGPT” and choose the most relevant issue type.

How do I report a GPT?

If you see a GPT that violates our content policies, you can click “Report” from the dropdown menu.

How do I build my own GPT?

Anyone can easily build their own GPT - no coding is required. Please read our guide on how to create your own GPT.

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