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How chat retention works in ChatGPT
How chat retention works in ChatGPT

Expectations for how ChatGPT handles retaining chats normally compared to when deleted or archived.

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Deleted chats are hard deleted from our systems within 30 days, unless they have been de-identified and disassociated from your account. If you have not opted out, we may use these de-identified chats for training to improve model performance.

Archived chats are retained just like your unarchived chats. Archiving a chat simply removes it from your chat history sidebar. Archived chats can be found and managed in your ChatGPT Settings.

Delete a chat

You can delete individual chats one at a time from your chat history by clicking on the 3 horizontal dots then in the menu that is displayed click Delete chat:

Archive a chat

You can view archived chats in Settings:

Manage archived chats

Click on Manage to view all archived chats where for each chat you can leave as archived, unarchive, or delete the chat:

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