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How chat retention works in ChatGPT
How chat retention works in ChatGPT

Expectations for how ChatGPT handles retaining chats normally compared to when deleted or archived.

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Deleted chats are hard deleted from our systems within 30 days, unless they have previously been de-identified and disassociated from your account or we have to keep them for security or legal reasons.

You can not recover chats once you delete them. If you want to remove a chat from being visible in your chat history but retain it in your account, you should use the archive function.

Please refer to this article to understand how content may be used to improve model performance and the choices that you have.

Archived chats are retained just like your unarchived chats. Archiving a chat simply removes it from your chat history sidebar. Archived chats can be found and managed in your ChatGPT Settings.

Delete a chat

You can delete individual chats one at a time from your chat history by clicking on the 3 horizontal dots then in the menu that is displayed click Delete chat:

Archive a chat

You can view archived chats in Settings:

Manage archived chats

Click on Manage to view all archived chats where for each chat you can leave as archived, unarchive, or delete the chat:

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