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How to appeal a GPT restricted from sharing
How to appeal a GPT restricted from sharing
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We may prevent GPTs from being published or remove GPTs from the store that violate our brand guidelines or usage policies. If your GPT has been restricted from sharing, you can still edit it to make it compliant with our guidelines, and attempt to publish it again. Alternatively, you can appeal the decision.

After clicking Appeal, you’ll be prompted to provide a reason why your GPT doesn’t violate our policies and should be shared.

After you click submit, you won’t be able to edit your GPT until it’s reviewed internally or if you choose to cancel your appeal. However, you may still be able to use your GPT privately. Upon review, you’ll receive a notification to the email associated with your ChatGPT account the GPT belongs to. If your appeal is approved, you’ll receive instructions for how to update your sharing settings to publish your GPT. If your appeal is denied, you’ll be encouraged to edit your GPT to ensure it’s compliant with our policies or submit another appeal.

In the “Save” dropdown of the GPT editor, you’ll be able to see an appeal button:

Please note that we do not yet guarantee a timeline for the manual review of your appeal.

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