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Temporary Chat FAQ
Temporary Chat FAQ
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With Temporary Chat, you can have a conversation with a blank slate. ChatGPT won't be aware of previous conversations or access memories. It will still follow your custom instructions if they're enabled.

Will my Temporary Chats appear in my history?

Temporary Chats won’t appear in your history, and ChatGPT won’t remember anything you talk about. For safety purposes we may still keep a copy for up to 30 days.

Will Temporary Chats be used for training?

Temporary Chats won’t be used to improve our models.

How do I start a Temporary Chat?

You can start a Temporary Chat by tapping the version of ChatGPT you’re using at the top of the and selecting Temporary chat.

Temporary chats can also be started within a GPT:

Will GPT builders be able to see what I say with Temporary Chats?

You can have temporary chats with GPTs. If the GPT has actions, data sent to third parties through those actions is subject to the recipient’s privacy policy. That means the recipient may keep that data for longer than 30 days and may use it for other purposes.

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