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How does the new file uploads capability work?
How does the new file uploads capability work?

How does file uploading help? What can I do with it?

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See our File uploads FAQ for more details.

The file uploads capability was created to support the following tasks:

  1. Synthesis: Combining or analyzing information from files and documents to create something new, for example:

    1. Upload a spreadsheet, for example a CSV, with a mix of qualitative and quantitative information, and ask ChatGPT to help you understand and visualize the data.

    2. Compare and contrast two documents.

    3. Analyze sentiment or tone in a document.

    4. Analyze a spreadsheet.

    5. Apply a framework or rubric from one document to the contents of another.

  2. Transformation: Reshaping information from documents without changing its essence, for example:

    1. Upload a complicated research paper and ask ChatGPT to provide a simple summary.

    2. Upload a powerpoint presentation and ask ChatGPT for feedback on the content.

    3. Summarize a document in simple terms.

    4. Rewrite a short document in a particular style.

    5. Turn a presentation into a document.

  3. Extraction: Pulling out specific information out of a document, for example:

    1. Upload a PDF and have ChatGPT find any references to a certain topic.

    2. Pull out relevant quotes from a document.

    3. Search for any mention of a particular topic from a document or spreadsheet.

    4. Extract metadata (author, creation date, etc.) from a document.

    5. Count the number of rows in a spreadsheet that contain a certain attribute

    6. Extract specific sections of a document (e.g., all headings or all bullet-point lists).

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