What is Memory?
Updated over a week ago

We are rolling out to a small portion of ChatGPT free and Plus users this week to learn how useful it is. We will share plans for broader roll out soon.

ChatGPT can now carry what it learns between chats, allowing it to provide more relevant responses. As you chat with ChatGPT, it will become more helpful – remembering details and preferences from your conversations. ChatGPT’s memory will get better the more you use ChatGPT and you'll start to notice the improvements over time. You can teach it to remember something new by chatting with it, for example: “Remember that I am vegetarian when you recommend a recipe.” To understand what ChatGPT remembers just ask it.

You’re in control of ChatGPT’s memory. You can reset it, delete specific or all memories, or turn this feature off in your settings. If you’d like to have a conversation without memory, use Temporary Chat.

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