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Winding down the ChatGPT plugins beta
Winding down the ChatGPT plugins beta
Updated over a week ago

As of April 9, 2024 conversations with plugins can no longer be continued.

Thank you for using ChatGPT plugins. We’ve taken feedback from other users like you and used it to create GPTs. Based on the adoption of GPTs by both users and builders, we’ve wound down the plugin beta.

During the plugins beta, the store had a little more than 1,000 plugins available. The GPT Store already has hundreds of thousands of GPTs spread across categories like writing, productivity, programming, education and more. We hope you are as excited for the future of GPTs as we are. This is just the start and we have much more to come!

What happened to the conversations I had with plugins?

Conversations with plugins can no longer be continued. They will continue to be viewable.

How do I know if the plugin I was using has a GPT?

The GPT Store has search functionality which allows you to search for the name or other details about a plugin that you used.

Why are you winding down the plugin beta?

With the launch of GPTs and the GPT Store, we were able to make many improvements that plugin users had asked for. GPTs now have full feature parity (in addition to many new features) with plugins.​

Where can I find out more about building a GPT?

We have documentation on building a GPT along with more technical documentation for developers building GPTs.

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