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Using GPTs on our Free Tier - FAQ
Using GPTs on our Free Tier - FAQ

An overview of the capabilities and limitations of using GPTs on our Free tier.

Updated over a week ago

ChatGPT is free to use, and Free tier users now have limited access to GPTs in our GPT store, as capacity permits.

GPTs are custom versions of ChatGPT that users can tailor for specific tasks or topics by combining instructions, knowledge, and capabilities. They can be as simple or as complex as needed, addressing anything from language learning to technical support.

Are there rate limits associated with GPTs?

GPT-4o rate limits are shared between GPTs and ChatGPT. When you hit your text rate limit for GPT-4o, you won't be able to use GPTs until your rate limit resets.

If you reach a rate limit for any of the following tools, you will need to wait for a later time to use any of these tools with a GPT:

  • Data analysis with ChatGPT

  • File uploads

  • Browsing with ChatGPT

Is performance for GPTs different for users on the Free tier?

GPT usage on the Free tier is subject to the same limitations as ChatGPT. GPT advanced functionality, including data analysis, file uploads, web browsing, and DALL-E, are also subject to stricter rate limits. As a Free user, you won鈥檛 be able to use DALL-E, and also may hit tighter limits for advanced capabilities. When you hit these limits, you will see the following message:

Additionally, there may be some differences in how GPTs behave using different models, making the experience of GPTs for Free users less performant than on our paid tiers.

Can I use a GPT to generate images?

GPTs that generate images use DALL路E, and we currently do not support the ability to generate images with DALL路E in our Free tier. DALL路E capabilities are available to all users on Plus, Team, and Enterprise plans.

Can I rate a GPT as a Free tier user?

Currently, users on the Free tier cannot leave a rating for a GPT.

Learn more about rating a GPT.

Can I create a GPT as a Free tier user?

Currently, only Plus, Team, and Enterprise plans have access to our GPT Builder.

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