ChatGPT iOS app FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the ChatGPT iOS app.

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Where can I download the ChatGPT iOS app?

Download the official ChatGPT iOS app in the App Store.

How can I access my conversation history?

To see your past chats, press the three-dot symbol on the top right of your screen. Choose "History" to see a list of your chats. You can use the search function to find specific words or conversations.

How can I delete a chat conversation?

To delete a conversation, first open the specific chat you wish to remove. Next, press the three-dot symbol and select "Delete". After confirming the action, the selected conversation will be deleted.

How do I export my chat data?

If you wish to export your chat conversation data, you can tap the three dots located on the top right corner of the screen, then go to "Settings", and then "Data Controls". You'll see an option called "Export Data".

Please note that the downloadable zip file will be sent to your registered email address and the link will expire after 24 hours. The export process may take some time, depending on the amount of data that is being requested.

How do I turn off the Haptic Feedback on my ChatGPT app?

If you wish to turn off the Haptic Feedback on your ChatGPT app, please tap the three dots on the top right corner of the screen, then "Settings". Within the settings, you'll find a toggle for Haptic Feedback. If the toggle is green, it means the feature is active.

How do I check my ChatGPT iOS app version?

To check the version of your ChatGPT iOS app, navigate to "Settings" (accessible via the three-dot icon in the top right corner). You'll see the version information at the bottom of the page.

Can I change the email on my ChatGPT account?

At the moment, we don't support changing the email address linked to your ChatGPT account through the settings on the iOS or Web versions.

Can I access my subscription on another Apple device?

Yes, by logging in with the same OpenAI account that made the original purchase.

Can I restore my ChatGPT Plus subscription?

Users that subscribed to ChatGPT in the Apple App Store can use the Restore purchases feature in the ChatGPT iOS app to restore their Plus subscription on their iOS device.

Settings > Account > Restore purchases

If you subscribed to ChatGPT Plus on the web, you will need to manage their subscription at

What options are available with a long press on a chat answer text?

When you long press an answer text the following menu and option will be available for you:

  • Copy

  • Select Text

  • Regenerate Response

  • Good Response

  • Bad Response

Which countries is the ChatGPT iOS app available in?

You can find the full list here.

Do you collect my precise location data through the iOS App?

No. Our iOS App doesn’t access your device’s Location Services, Bluetooth, or other services to collect or approximate your precise location data. We do collect your IP address, however. IP addresses can be used to estimate the device’s country, state, and city.

Do you store audio clips from the speech-to-text feature?

No. We send audio clips from our speech-to-text feature to our servers so that we can use our Whisper API to transcribe them, but we don’t retain voice clips beyond what’s necessary to complete the transcription.

Audio clips are also briefly copied to your iOS device’s temporary storage, and are deleted in accordance with your operating system’s design. After transcription, we do not access or use audio clips that are in temporary storage for any purpose.

Learn more about having voice conversations in our Voice conversations (beta) - FAQ which can be enabled for users on Plus and Enterprise plans to have back and forth conversations with ChatGPT.

Do you train your models on audio clips from the speech-to-text feature?

No. We only use the audio clips to prepare a transcription using our Whisper API. The clips are then deleted, which means that we do not use the audio clips to improve our models.

Transcriptions are used as inputs to ChatGPT and appear in conversation histories, which may be used to improve our models (depending on user settings).

Are Chat History & Training controls available on the iOS App?

You can access Chat History & Training controls by opening the menu through the three dots in the top right corner of your screen, selecting “Settings,” then clicking “Data Controls.” You should see “Chat History & Training” with a toggle.

When Chat History is turned off, new chats started on the iOS app won't appear in your history on any of your devices, be used to train our models, or stored for longer than 30 days. This setting does not sync across browsers or devices. Learn more here.

I disabled Chat History & Training on my browser. Does that mean Chat History & Training will also be off on my iOS app?

No. Chat History & Training settings do not sync across browsers, applications, or devices. You must disable Chat History & Training on each browser, application, or device separately.

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