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Using ChatGPT's Free Tier - FAQ
Using ChatGPT's Free Tier - FAQ
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ChatGPT is free to use, and Free tier users now have access to a large range of capabilities with GPT-4o, including access to a series of tools and access to GPTs in our GPT store.

In addition to advanced intelligence capabilities, Free tier users can now:

  • Browse the web and obtain up-to-date information

  • Analyze and extract insights from your data (to a portion of users)

  • Upload images in your prompts

  • Provide support files in your prompts

  • Discover and use GPTs

Users on ChatGPT Plus have access to higher rate limits. Learn more about ChatGPT Plus.

Can I create a GPT as a Free tier user?

Currently, only Plus, Team, and Enterprise plans have access to build GPTs.

Can I create images with DALL·E as a Free tier user?

No, we currently do not support the ability to generate images with DALL·E in our Free tier. DALL·E capabilities are available to all users on Plus, Team, and Enterprise plans.

How do rate limits work on the Free tier?

Free tier users can use GPT-4o only a limited number of times within a three hour window. We’ll notify you once you’ve reached the limit and invite you to continue your conversation using GPT-3.5 or to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus.

You can use GPTs as long as you can use GPT-4o. When you hit your limit for GPT-4o, you won't be able to use GPTs until your rate limit resets. Once you reach your GPT limit, we will output a message that states the time tomorrow that you can continue using GPTs.

The following tools have shared usage rate limits that are separate from the GPT-4o text rate limit:

  • Data analysis with ChatGPT

  • File and image uploads

  • Browsing with ChatGPT

If you reach a rate limit for any of these tools, you will need to wait for a later time to use any of these tools.

Will my rate limit reset when I upgrade my account to ChatGPT Plus?

Yes. If you reach a rate limit on your Free tier account, your usage rates will reset when you update your account to a Plus plan or a Team plan.

Is performance for GPTs different for users on the Free tier?

GPT usage on the Free tier is subject to the same limitations as ChatGPT. GPT advanced functionality, which includes data analysis, file uploads, and web browsing, is subject to stricter rate limits on the Free tier than on paid tiers. Additionally,. DALL-E is not available at this time to Free users. As a Free user, your GPT-4o text rate limit will also apply to GPTs.

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