One of the most useful and promising features of AI models is that they can improve over time. We continuously improve our models via scientific and engineering breakthroughs as well as exposure to real world problems and data.

OpenAI does not use data submitted by customers via our API to train OpenAI models or improve OpenAI’s service offering. In order to support the continuous improvement of our models, you can fill out this form to opt-in to share your data with us. Sharing your data with us not only helps our models become more accurate and better at solving your specific problem, it also helps improve their general capabilities and safety.

When you use our non-API consumer services ChatGPT or DALL-E, we may use the data you provide us to improve our models. You can request to opt-out of having your data used to improve our non-API services by filling out this form with your organization ID and email address associated with the owner of the account.

We remove any personally identifiable information from data we intend to use to improve model performance. We also only use a small sampling of data per customer for our efforts to improve model performance. We take great care to use appropriate technical and process controls to secure your data.

For details on our data policy, please see our Data Usage Policies, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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