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Data usage for consumer services FAQ
Data usage for consumer services FAQ

Commonly asked questions about how we treat user data for OpenAI’s non-API consumer services like ChatGPT or DALL·E

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Does OpenAI use my content to improve model performance?

We may use content submitted to ChatGPT, DALL·E, and our other services for individuals to improve model performance. For example, depending on a user’s settings, we may use the user’s prompts, the model’s responses, and other content such as images and files to improve model performance.

Please refer to this article to understand how content may be used to improve model performance and the choices that users have.

Please note that we do not use content submitted by customers to our business offerings such as our API and ChatGPT Enterprise to improve model performance. Please see our Enterprise Privacy page for information on how we use business data.

How is my data used to improve model performance?

Please see this article.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account by following the steps here. Deleting your account will prevent you from using the account to access our services, including ChatGPT, API, and DALL·E. For security reasons, once you delete your account, you may not re-sign up for an account with the same email address.

Can I reuse the same mobile number to open a new account?

We currently allow only three accounts (including deleted accounts) to be associated with a phone number. This means that once you have used the same phone number for three accounts, you cannot create any additional accounts with that phone number, even if you delete the accounts. For more information, read our Phone Verification FAQ.

After account deletion can I unlink my phone number from my OpenAI account?

We do not currently allow users to unlink phone numbers from OpenAI accounts.

Can I delete all my chat history?

You can clear specific chat conversations one at a time from your chat history or clear all of your history at once. Cleared chats are deleted from our systems within 30 days, unless they have previously been de-identified and disassociated from your account or we have to keep them for security or legal reasons.

Please refer to this article to understand how content may be used to improve model performance and the choices that you have.

Is my content shared with third parties?

We share content with a select group of trusted service providers that help us provide our services. We share the minimum amount of content we need in order to accomplish this purpose and our service providers are subject to strict confidentiality and security obligations. We do not use or share user content for marketing or advertising purposes.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on who we may share your content with.

Where is my content stored?

Content is stored on OpenAI systems and our trusted service providers’ systems in the US and around the world. We may also send select portions of content to trusted service providers (subject to confidentiality and security obligations) for data annotation and safety purposes.

Do humans view my content?

A limited number of authorized OpenAI personnel, as well as trusted service providers that are subject to confidentiality and security obligations, may access user content only as needed for these reasons: (1) investigating abuse or a security incident; (2) to provide support to you if you reach out to us with questions about your account; (3) to handle legal matters; or (4) to improve model performance (unless you have opted out). Access to content is subject to technical access controls and limited only to authorized personnel on a need-to-know basis. Additionally, we monitor and log all access to user content and authorized personnel must undergo security and privacy training prior to accessing any user content.

Does OpenAI sell my data?

No. We do not sell your data or share your content with third parties for marketing purposes.

How do I submit a data privacy request?

Please submit your request at or send it to

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