How to delete your account

I'd like to delete my account, but I can't find any way to do this.

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Deleting your account is permanent can cannot be undone.

Deleting your account will prevent you from using the account to access OpenAI services, including ChatGPT, API, and DALL·E. You will NOT be able to create a new account using the same email address. If you delete your account, we will delete your data within 30 days, except we may retain a limited set of data for longer where required or permitted by law.

Account Deletion

Option 1: Use

You can submit requests to delete your account by submitting a request to “delete my data” through

Option 2: Self-serve

  1. In the bottom left click on Settings

  2. Free:

  3. Plus:

  4. In the Settings modal click on Data controls

  5. Under Delete account click Delete

    • You may only delete your account if you have logged in within the last 10 minutes.

    • If you haven't logged in within the last 10 minutes then you'll see this modal where you need to refresh your login (aka sign in again)

7. Confirmation modal will appear where you need to type your account email + "DELETE" into the input fields to unlock the "Permanently delete my account" button

8. Once the inputs are filled out you unlock the "Permanently delete my account" button

9. Click "Permanently delete my account" to delete your account.

Common issues

Delete a chat conversation

You can clear specific chat conversations one at a time from your chat history by clicking on the trashcan icon on a selected conversation.

Cleared chats are deleted from our systems within 30 days, unless they have been de-identified and disassociated from your account. If you have not opted out, we may use these de-identified chats for training to improve model performance.

User content opt-out

ChatGPT, DALL·E and our other services for individuals

When you use ChatGPT, DALL-E, and our other services for individuals, we may use the content you provide to improve model performance. Learn more about your choices on how we use your content to improve model performance here.

Enterprise services (such as API and ChatGPT Enterprise)

OpenAI does not train on business data. Learn more about our Enterprise privacy commitments here.

Can I reactivate my account after it's been deleted?

No. But you can create a new account with a different email address.

Click “Sign up” on the ChatGPT login page or our API login page. There are a couple caveats of which to be mindful:

  • Email addresses: You'll need to use a new email address.

    • Since every email address is unique per account, we require a different email address for new accounts. If you don't have an alternative email address, you can try using what's known as an email subaddress: instead of, try Emails to this address should still go to the same inbox (everything after the + is typically ignored by your email provider), but we'll treat this as a unique email address.

  • Phone numbers: New accounts are still subject to our limit of 3 accounts per phone number. Deleted accounts also count toward this limit. Deleting an account does not free up another spot. A phone number can only ever be used up to 3 times for verification to generate the first API key for your account on

    • Phone verification is not required to create an OpenAI account.

    • Phone verification is required for a new account to generate their first API key on

We don't support unlinking a phone number from an existing account

We do not allow you to unlink phone numbers from existing accounts.

How many times can I use my phone number to create OpenAI accounts?

A phone number can only ever be used for phone verification up to 3 times.

This means if you have 3 OpenAI accounts you can use the same number for all three when completing phone verification on each initial API key generation across those three accounts.

For anti-fraud and abuse reasons, we do not allow you to unlink phone numbers from OpenAI accounts to free up that number for reuse. This means deleting an OpenAI account does not free up the number to get around the limit. There is no workaround.

Can I change my authentication method after account deletion?

⚠️ Deleting your account does NOT allow you to change your authentication method.

That said, if you originally signed up for OpenAI / ChatGPT with an email and password then in future logins you can choose Google/Apple login allowing users in that situation to then login either way.

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