Why was my credit card declined?
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You've paid for too many subscriptions using the same payment method.

For security reasons, we currently limit the number of subscriptions that can be billed to a given payment method. Right now, you'll need to use separate payment methods to purchase multiple subscriptions or write back with more information about your use case if you're trying to bulk purchase subscriptions.

Your bank declined the payment.

If your credit card is declined, please double check your card information, ensure you have sufficient funds, and verify your billing address (especially your zip code). Incorrect information can lead to a declined transaction.

If you've double checked all of your information and are still running into trouble, the easiest way to fix this is to try an alternate payment method. If you don't have one or that didn't work, we recommend contacting your bank or card provider for more information about the decline. We unfortunately don't get much information from banks about why they declined a charge, so the best way to get an answer is by talking to them directly.

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