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What is ChatGPT Team?
What is ChatGPT Team?
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What is ChatGPT Team?

The ChatGPT Team subscription is a self-serve subscription plan designed for organizations and businesses wishing to adopt ChatGPT for use among their teams. ChatGPT Team is available for 2 or more users. If you're looking for a larger option, please consider ChatGPT Enterprise.

What are the terms of service and privacy policies for ChatGPT Team? How is user data handled?

ChatGPT Team adheres to our Business Terms and the privacy policies listed on the Enterprise Privacy page under ChatGPT Team FAQ. OpenAI won’t train on your workspace’s data.

How does the pricing work for ChatGPT Team?

ChatGPT Team is available for 2 or more users. You can purchase this subscription on an annual plan for $25/seat/mo or on a monthly plan priced at $30/seat/mo. Read more in our Managing Billing for ChatGPT Team help article.

How can I collaborate with my team using ChatGPT Team?

Yes! ChatGPT Team will have GPTs and shared links available to users in your workspace. Read more about access levels here and settings here.

What are the differences between ChatGPT Plus, ChatGPT Team and ChatGPT Enterprise?

You can read about the differences in our plans pricing page.

I am subscribed to ChatGPT Team; does that mean I can use the ChatGPT API (gpt-3.5-turbo or gpt-4 API endpoints) as well as part of this plan?

No, our API usage is its own separate cost, as the API platform and the ChatGPT platform are two different platforms. Please see our API platform’s Pricing page for more details; if you would like to explore the API platform further, we would recommend starting on our documentation.

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