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A self-serve subscription plan designed for organizations and businesses wishing to adopt ChatGPT for use among their teams

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What is ChatGPT Team?
Manage billing on the ChatGPT Team subscription planA guide explaining how billing works on the ChatGPT Team subscription tier.
What is the difference between different roles on my ChatGPT Team workspace?
How to manage your ChatGPT Team workspaceHow to manage your workspace
What security settings can I control for my ChatGPT Team workspace?Control the settings for your ChatGPT Team workspace
Can I migrate or merge my ChatGPT Free or Plus workspace over to my ChatGPT Team workspace?Account migration, merging your workspaces, and managing subscriptions
What is the process of adding, changing, or removing members to my team’s ChatGPT Team workspace?
What happens if a workspace has been deactivated?Deactivated workspace and access
Shared Links FAQ (ChatGPT Team version)This article focuses on the Shared Link experience, specifically for ChatGPT Team users.
GPTs (ChatGPT Team version)
Does a member lose access to chat history and files if removed from a workspace, and will the chats be restored if the member is re-added?
What is a workspace? How do I access my ChatGPT Team workspace?
What is the message cap on ChatGPT Team?
I haven’t used a seat within a ChatGPT Team workspace. How do I get a refund for a partial seat?
Can I use ChatGPT Team on my phone?
How do I switch workspaces between personal workspace and my ChatGPT Team workspace?
How do I sign up for ChatGPT Team?
If I already have a Team workspace, if I create a new Team workspace, can I merge the two? Is the new workspace covered by an existing workspace?
My workspace is deactivated due to an outstanding payment. Can I reactivate my deactivated workspace or do I create a new workspace?
How can I leave my team's workspace?Leaving your Team workspace
How can I leave a deactivated workspace?Leaving your Team workspace after it has been deactivated
How do I add or remove seats I'm billed for on ChatGPT Team?
Is it possible to restrict members from adding additional members to my ChatGPT Team workspace?
Why can't I see all the chats of my members within a Team workspace?