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ChatGPT Android app - FAQ
ChatGPT Android app - FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the ChatGPT Android app

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Where can I download and install the ChatGPT Android app from the Google Play Store?

How do I find the Android app in the Google Play Store?

If you're searching you can quickly find it by using the query "openai chatgpt" to make sure you're downloading the official app built by us. That said, the direct link to download & install it is here:

Which countries is the ChatGPT Android app available in?

The app is currently available in the countries listed on the ChatGPT Supported Countries article.

What does the Official ChatGPT Android App Icon Look Like?

What are the ChatGPT Android app minimum requirements?

Android 6.0

How do I check the ChatGPT Android app version?

To check the version of your ChatGPT Android app, navigate to Settings to see the version information.

What devices are supported for the ChatGPT Android app?

Any Android device with Google Play running Android 6.0 or newer.

How do I access my chat history?

To see your past chats navigate to Settings then click on History.

You can use the search function to find specific words or conversations.

How do I delete a chat conversation?

To delete a conversation, first open the specific chat you wish to remove. Next, click the three vertical dots then click Delete to delete the selected conversation.

How to delete my account in the ChatGPT Android app

Deleting your account is permanent and cannot be undone.

Deleting your account will prevent you from using the account to access OpenAI services, including ChatGPT, API, and DALL·E. You will NOT be able to create a new account using the same email address. If you delete your account, we will delete your data within 30 days, except we may retain a limited set of data for longer where required or permitted by law.

To delete your ChatGPT account you can navigate to Data Controls and click Delete Account.

Then in the confirmation modal that appears click Delete Account to delete your ChatGPT account.

How to export all your chat data

If you wish to export your chat conversation data, you can navigate to Data Controls and click Export Data.

Please note that the downloadable zip file will be sent to your registered email address and the link will expire after 24 hours. The export process may take some time, depending on the amount of data that is being requested.

What is the ChatGPT Android app feature parity with the ChatGPT iOS app?

Other than Shared Links the ChatGPT Android app has full feature parity with the iOS app.

Can I change my email?

We don't support changing the email address linked to your ChatGPT account through any means.

While we aren’t able to update email addresses associated with an OpenAI account at the moment, we do have it planned on our product roadmap.

If you would like to use ChatGPT with a different email address, then you must create a new OpenAI account with the other email address.

Are there available options when I long press on a chat response text?

When you long press an answer text the following menu and option will be available for you:

  • Copy

  • Select Text

  • Regenerate Response

  • Good Response

  • Bad Response

Do you collect my precise location data through the ChatGPT Android App?

No. Our Android App doesn’t access your device’s Location, Bluetooth, or other services to collect or approximate your precise location data. We do collect your IP address, however. IP addresses can be used to estimate the device’s country, state, and city.

Do you store audio clips from the speech-to-text feature?


We send audio clips from our speech-to-text feature to our servers so that we can use our Whisper API to transcribe them, but we won’t retain voice clips beyond what’s necessary to complete the transcription.

Audio clips are also briefly copied to your Android device’s temp storage/cache, and are deleted in accordance with your operating system’s design. After transcription, we do not access or use audio clips that are in your Android device’s temp storage/cache for any purpose.

Learn more about having voice conversations in our Voice conversations (beta) - FAQ which can be enabled for users on Plus and Enterprise plans to have back and forth conversations with ChatGPT.

Do you train your models on audio clips from the speech-to-text feature?

No. We only use the audio clips to prepare a transcription using our Whisper API. The clips are then deleted, which means that we will not use those audio clips to improve our models. The transcriptions get used as inputs to ChatGPT and appear in conversation histories, which may be used to improve our models (depending on user settings).

When I try to login to the ChatGPT Android app I’m getting a “Something went wrong” error. What does this mean and how do I login?

This can happen when your Google Play Store version is out of date. Please update your Google Play Store version then wait a little while and try again.

Are Chat History & Training controls available on the ChatGPT Android App?

Yes and you can access Chat History & Training controls by opening the menu through the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of your screen, selecting Settings, then clicking Data Controls. You should see Chat History & Training with a toggle.

When Chat History is turned off, new chats started on the Android app won't appear in your history on any of your devices, be used to train our models, or stored for longer than 30 days. This setting does not sync across browsers or devices. Learn more here.

I disabled Chat History & Training from my browser. Does that mean Chat History & Training will also be off on my Android app?

No. Chat History & Training settings do not sync across browsers, applications, or devices. You must disable Chat History & Training on each browser, application, or device separately.

How to retain Chat History and opt-out of my ChatGPT data being used in OpenAI’s training data

You can leave Chat History & Training enabled then you can submit this form to handle opt-ing out your data from being used.

How to cancel your Plus subscription for ChatGPT Plus in the ChatGPT Android app

Shared Links availability in the ChatGPT Android app

Shared Links will not be available at launch for Android. Coming soon!

Is Google Chrome the default browser?

The ChatGPT Android app attempts to login with Chrome or Brave if they are installed on the device, and shows an error if these browsers are not available. If this behavior changes in a future release we'll keep this knowledge updated.

We recommend using Google Chrome as your default browser to resolve a number of common login issues with the ChatGPT Android app.

Are Custom Instructions included in the app?

Included in the Android app. See Custom instructions for ChatGPT.

Are Advanced Data Analysis (formerly Code Interpreter) included in the app?

As of August 28th, 2023 this should be available!

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