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ChatGPT Enterprise Shared Links FAQ
ChatGPT Enterprise Shared Links FAQ

Share your chats on your ChatGPT Enterprise workspace

Updated over a week ago

⚠️ The option to continue a conversation from a shared link has been deprecated for users across all plans in ChatGPT (except internal OAI employees).

Here’s our general FAQ regarding Shared Links. This article focuses on the Shared Link experience specifically for ChatGPT Enterprise users.

What are shared links?

Shared links allow users to generate a unique URL for a ChatGPT conversation, which can then be shared with members in the user’s workspace. With shared links, users can let others see exchanges with ChatGPT.

What can I share with other members in my workspace?

  • You will be able to share chats that utilize Advanced Data Analysis. However, you will not be able to access the uploaded file, just the chat conversations.

  • You will be able to share chats that use browsing.

  • You will not be able to share a chat that has an image (eg. DALL-E / GPT-V).

What happens if I share my enterprise chat to someone who is currently not within my workspace?

The non-author member will be redirected to their ChatGPT landing page without seeing the shared chat. They will see that they don’t have access to this shared chat.

What happens when I interact with a shared conversation?

Once you interact with the shared conversation, it starts a new conversation that is not shared by default and is private to you.

Can I “un-share” or view all my shared chats?

Yes, you can un-share a chat and view all the chats you have shared. If another member of the workspace tries to access an unshared link, that member will see an error message and will be directed back to a blank chat.

To view all shared links and delete/unshare a link, first navigate to your Settings.

Click on data controls, and then click on the Manage button within the Shared links section.

You will be redirected to the Shared Links modal, where you can click the Trash icon to un-share a chat link, or the Chat icon to navigate to a chat.

How can I turn off the Shared links feature?

To turn off chat sharing, please follow the steps here.

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