Domain Verification
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Domain verification is a process that confirms the ownership of a domain for your GPT experience. It helps prevent fraud and unauthorized access, ensures secure communications, manage access controls, and proves ownership of content created. Within our products, domain verification is required for advanced security features including single sign-on alongside the ability to publish your custom GPT to the GPT store.

How Domain Verification Works at OpenAI

Currently, domain verification can be required in a few places: Single Sign-on (SSO) and the Custom GPT Builder for non-Enterprise customers. Domains are typically verified using a your DNS Record by adding a specific DNS record (such as a TXT record) to your domain's DNS configuration.

Because domain verification is currently tied to specific OpenAI organizations, once one organization executes the domain verification, no other organizations can claim ownership to the same domain. This means that SSO and Builder Profiles should reside in the same organization with domain verification, or else a verified domain residing one organization will subsequently block login access or Custom GPT publications in another organization where users share the same email domain.

Common Errors

Your domain could not be verified

First, wait 24 hours to check that the DNS record has propagated throughout our system.

If after 24 hours this error remains, it's likely the case that your domain is already verified in another organization for SSO purposes.

If you are verifying the domain as part of your Custom GPT Builder Profile, you will need to check with your colleagues if the GPT can be created as part of your company's Enterprise organization. If you are using a different organization for the GPT Builder, you can still create GPTs but cannot publish them in the GPT store.

"We ran into an issue while signing you in, please take a break and try again soon"

This error may happen if your domain was verified in another OpenAI organization, preventing all users from logging in to the OpenAI organization you belong to. You can check if other users are also seeing this same error message. If so, another OpenAI organization exists with your domain and has verified your domain already. You can discuss with your IT admin to discuss the best organization for your domain verification.

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