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Account management
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Why can't I reset my password?
Why am I not receiving my phone verification code?Troubleshooting tips for receiving verification code
How can I change my default organization?
How to change your email addressWe do not support changing an email address. This article includes other available options.
Can I change my authentication method?Changing or switching authentication method used to sign into ChatGPT is generally not supported - even if you delete your account.
How do I change my account password?Follow the steps below to reset your password
How do I add, change, or remove members on my OpenAI API account?Learn how to add, remove, or invite members to an account on and understand the permissions/roles that a member can have
How can I contact support?Learn how to get in touch with our support team
How do I change my name for my OpenAI account?Changing your display name used for your OpenAI account.
How can I keep my OpenAI accounts secure?Protect your account from fraud with these best practices.
Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with OpenAIHow does MFA work with OpenAI? Where do I enable it?
How do I delete my payment method?
How can I stop my API subscription?
Understanding the Usage DashboardHow to view your API usage by cost or by activity
How can I change the email associated with my API account?
How do I cancel my ChatGPT Plus subscription?You can cancel your ChatGPT Plus subscription at any time.
How can I report fraud or suspicious activity?
Domain Verification
Can you reactivate my deleted account?I deleted my account, but now I want to access it again.
Managing your work in the API platform with Projects