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What is ChatGPT Enterprise?
What is a ChatGPT Enterprise workspace? How can I switch workspaces?A workspace is a unique ChatGPT environment with its own settings, members, and resources.
How do I add, change, or remove ChatGPT Enterprise members?How to modify a user role within ChatGPT Enterprise
What are ChatGPT Enterprise's max message limits?
Does a member lose access to chat history and files if removed from a workspace?Chat history access and restoration on member removal
How can I analyze usage in my ChatGPT Enterprise workspace?User and usage information for your ChatGPT Enterprise workspace.
What is the difference between different roles on my ChatGPT Enterprise workspace?Exploring workspace roles in ChatGPT Enterprise.
What workspace settings can I control for my workspace?Control the settings for your ChatGPT Enterprise workspace
How do I get access to ChatGPT Enterprise for my company?
ChatGPT Enterprise Shared Links FAQShare your chats on your ChatGPT Enterprise workspace
GPTs (ChatGPT Enterprise version)
How can I edit my workspace name or change my workspace's image to my company's logo?Updating your workspace name or workspace image within Workspace Settings
What GPT settings can I control for my workspace?
If I'm in a ChatGPT Enterprise workspace, why can't I access my company's org account?
Group Permissions in GPTs
How can I cancel my ChatGPT Plus subscription once I have migrated to ChatGPT Enterprise?